The Seapaddler´s Blue Ribbon of Sweden

The summer 2017 Me and Sixten will try to obtain the Seapaddler’s Blue Ribbon by kayaking all the coast of Sweden.

dekal 270x153.png

Here you can read more about the Seapaddler’s Blue Ribbon. The starting point of the Seapaddler’s Blue Ribbon is at the old Svinesund bridge at the west coast where Sweden meets Norway. The finishing point is at the border marker Nº 59 at the outflow of the Torne River just south of Haparanda, at the border to Finland. The trip is concluded when the paddler pats the border marker. It is a long way to go, roughly 2100-2600 kilometers, depending on the choice of route along the Swedish coast. It has taken different paddlers everything between 23-154 days to finish the tour. Many have of course also given up on the way and abandoned the tour. In the rules, it says that the trip should be undertaken in a single kayak. Each daily distance and spot for campsite should carefully be marked out on physical maps and entered in a log (which in my case will be this blog). The entire tour should be undertaken in the sea without portages and the paddler’s route at sea should be possible to draw on a map as a coherent line from start to goal.

On the webpage of the Seapaddler’s Blue Ribbon you can find a lot of statistics from all the paddlers who have completed the tour. For example how many days used for the tour, total distance per tour, average daily distance, the age of the paddlers, kayak models used etc. I think that no matter how fast or slow you are you will still get an amazing experience and learn a lot about yourself. It´s this experience and the feeling of adventure and being free I want from this tour. This trip will definitely be both mentally and physically challenging and I will definitely have some hard moments. But in my opinion it’s the contrast between the hard moments and the beautiful amazing moments that makes the experience even more memorable. For me this trip will also be a bit symbolic since I have been dreaming about moving north for a while. I will kayak towards my new future in Luleå (and then some few more kilometers to get all the way to Haparanda).