About Sixten and me

Sixten Peterson is my sea kayak, a Cobolt Origo. He is 556cm long, 52cm broad and has a rudder. His former owner installed the same system VKV kayaks have for using pontoons, so now Sixten can also wear them and enjoy big waves more safely with me.Kollage kompr

I’m Ellen, a Swedish nurse from Stockholm who loves to explore new places in nature and being outdoors. Kayaking is my main interest right now, but I also like hiking, skiing, ice skating and more or less any way to move in the nature or just being outdoors.

pa160929-foto-blog1.jpg I started kayaking when I was little in my father’s double kayak. Back then, I only really used kayaking for short day trips during the summer as a way to get to the nice islands in the archipelago of Stockholm just so that I could have another excuse to be out in nature. My real passion for kayaking started when I moved to Västerås a few years ago to study and found there a really nice canoe club. I borrowed different sea kayaks and was out a lot on the lake Mälaren all seasons when it was not covered by ice, unfortunately not knowing much about safety equipment or kayaking in general. Then I got Sixten and slowly I started learning things, but still of course have a lot to learn.

Last year I kayaked K2Bandet in my father’s double kayak. Here you can read more about that adventure. This year I want to spend the summer and see the Swedish coast with Sixten. I’m also dreaming about moving to Luleå after the adventure so now I have something real to kayak towards (and then a few kilometers more to Haparanda). If I make it all the way, I will just have to kayak back a couple of days. After that the moving is pretty much done since my most important friend/possession will already be with me.