End of the story

I have decided to abandon the blue ribbon. I don’t want to keep paddling alone and my shoulder will not let me continue in Gerds tempo. I’m happy about the good time I have had so far. Hopefully I will recover the shoulder soon and be able to make other kayaking adventures this summer. If not I will go hiking. Maybe I will go collect the tentpoles at önholmen and explore the West coast more.

Tomorrow I will rent a car and transport me and Sixten to Stockholm.  We will still move to Luleå in the end of August, but maybe not by kayaking. 

I’m a bit worried about getting the car and the car trip tomorrow since I’m not such an experienced driver.  It will be almost more adventure than the kayaking has been so far.

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Day 15- 20km

Barsebäckshamn –Malmö 

Today I have kayaked probably the 20 hardest kms in my life. We had headwind from S/SE 5 m/s witch increased when kayaking.  My shoulder started hurting a bit already in the morning and got worse and worse during the crossing. It’s the same shoulder where I had a fracture 1,5 years ago. I do not know the reason, just that it hurt a lot when kayaking and still hurts a bit when resting. After a nice lunch together Gerd continued without me. I haven’t decided yet for sure if I should give up the blue ribbon 2017 or wait, rest and see. I will for sure not kayak more today. 

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Day 14 -57km

Lerberget- Barsebäckshamn

Wind 2-6 m/s W/NW

Feeling good to kayak again. We had tailwind when passing Helsingborg and a little bit problem with all the traffic and waves from the boats. I was wearing drysuit for safety but was really warm inside. 

Since it’s hard to find tentplaces here in Skåne we are in a port today. 

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Day 13 -0km

Wind: 7-10 m/s W/NW

Today I at least haven’t seen any kite surfers witch seems to be a good sign to soon be able to kayak again.  We went hunting for food at the supermarket and cooked well. Later I also went hunting for an ice-cream. My arms and shoulders almost start moving involuntarily when walking next to the sea. Both my body and mind wants to kayak. Sixten is laying on the beach moaning of boredom. But safety should always come first. We hope to start kayaking in the morning tomorrow again. The forecast looks better. 

Today I have noticed there seem to be some problems with my solarpanels. I tried to have a look at it but didn’t find the problem. The regulator at least still shows that there’s a lot of energy left in my battery. 

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Day 12 – 0km

Wind: 10-15 m/s W

Today I have been on an adventure in Malmö and gotten myself a new tent. 

There’s still way to much wind to kayak. I saw many kite surfers being out, at least someone is happy of the wind. We will probably have to stay in land tomorrow too.

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Day 11 -25km

Arild- Lerberget

Wind: 5-6 m/s S turning W/NW and increasing in the afternoon 

The headwind was too much for us so we took a longer break just south of Mölle. At 16.30 we started kayaking again when the wind had turned. It seems like we won’t kayak for some days now because the forecast sais there will be strong winds. Gerd wanted to stay at a commercial camping site so we stopped when we saw one.

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Day 10 – 52 Km

Tylön- Arild

Wind: 0-4 m/s W

We had a windy night. I slept pretty bad, being a bit anxious for crossing Laholmsbukten.

We started kayaking at 9.30. There were still many waves left from the windy night even if the wind had decreased for several hours. The weather was cloudy and the visibility not so good. We weren’t able to see Hallandsåsen on the other side of Laholmsbukten. It felt a bit crazy for me to kayak towards open horisont, but I followed Gerd and looked at the compass to calm myself from the uneasy feeling. After some minutes I got used to the sea. We had decided to not cross the bay completely but stay a bit closer to land. I had decided to not drink anything to not get the bladder full. I had also prepared many snacks for the crossing. After six hours of kayaking on open sea we reached Torekov where we had a well deserved lunch. It was cold and we didn’t want to stop too long.

When kayaking over Skälderviken the water was calm, but visibility still bad. I was calmer. Already being pretty tired from Laholmsbukten not having too much energy to think too much. At 8 pm we reached Arild. The day was pretty mentally exhausting, but exciting. I slept really well.

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Day 9 – 0km


Wind: 5-6 m/s S

Due to strong winds and warnings for thunder we did not want to cross Laholmsbukten. It didn’t feel like much meaning to start kayaking along the shore in the headwind. Also our bodies needed one day of resting after a week of paddling long distances. 

Sixten and I made a small adventure kayaking 800m to Tylösand to go hunting food. I walked 3km to the supermarket and hitchhiked back with a heavy bag. Gerd made a really nice pasta sauce for lunch from the fresh groceries I hunted. Soon for dinner we will have a fresh sallad.

Tomorrow we hope to be able to continue kayaking.

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Day 8 -46km

Stranninge – Tylön

Wind: 0-3 m/s S

Today we took a sleep in and took it easy in the morning. We didn’t start kayaking until 9.45. There has been almost no wind all day. In the afternoon the sea was for a while like a mirror.

I have decided to buy a new tent in Malmö when we get there. This tent I’m bringing now that I lost the tent poles to is actually my father’s. I have discovered it’s complicated to buy new poles and they have to be ordered from America. It will take time for them to come and I need a tent.  Now I will buy my own tent and bring to Luleå for the future.  

By the way, if anyone who reads this blog lives close to Strömstad and kayaks or has a boat would want to go to Önholmen and collect the poles and send to my parents adress, then please contact me or comment here. Hittelön lovas!

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Day 7 -48km

Nordsten –Stranninge

Wind: 2-5 m/s NW 

We saw many seals today. In the morning we took a break at small rock and watched lots of seals swimming around in the water. In the afternoon they where on many rocks and jumped down in the water when we came kayaking.

We stopped for shopping in Varberg. The beach there was busy with children. 

We had a problem finding a good tentplace and had to empty the kayaks completely and carry them up 30m. I was very tired and it seems like I have lost one of my drybags with 25 dried meals to the sea and the seals. Now I have more space in the kayak but will have to shop more often. I also had a feeling of seasickness and dizziness when getting in land. It’s the first time ever in my life from kayaking. 

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